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Online Learning Packages Available Nationwide

Everyone learns in their own way and, for many students, the one-size-fits-all approach of the classroom just doesn't work. We provide a variety of learning solutions, through our GCSE English tuition based in Basingstoke, that will see your child make the most of their potential and excel come exam time. As part of this, our GCSE English tutors based in Basingstoke have developed a series of online learning resources, to help your child learn at their own pace and engage with the syllabus in a way that works for them. Each course focuses on a different exam section and, broken down into eight different lessons, equips students with the tools they need to do well. Each course has been designed to promote learning, while tasks, quizzes and flashcards make the sessions fun!

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How Does Your Child Learn?

We also offer online group learning sessions, as well as intensive boot camps for when crunch time approaches. Take a look at our other learning pathways and find the one that's right for your child.

Any questions? Feel free to email us at enquiries@tutorsforexcellence.co.uk to ask.


Online Group Learning

Boot Camps


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Books and Plays

For books and plays, our GCSE English tuition based in Basingstoke breaks down how to approach the key moments and characters in the exam, as well as how to evaluate and write about those key moments in a way examiners love.


Language Papers

For language papers, the materials will guide you through how writers affect their audience on the page. You'll learn the techniques they use and how to analyse them, as well as how to use them yourself.

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 What You Get


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Online Learning Library

For three months, you'll get unlimited access to our interactive online learning library, which covers your chosen exam component in detail. It's hosted via Moodle – a learning platform designed specifically for students.




Video Tutorials

These will take you, step by step, through the key skills you'll need to develop and knowledge you'll need to know, as well as containing guidance on how best to apply those things in the exam room. They're thorough, engaging and so worth the time spent!

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These tasks and activities will help you apply what you've learnt in our library and on our tutorials in a way that's fun and engaging. You'll explore key skills and subject knowledge, as well as learning how best to write for an exam.





Practice makes perfect! Through our online learning platform – Quizlet, you'll be able to practice what you've learned, using fun quizzes and games to help you learn in a way that's enjoyable, as well as useful!

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 Independent Learning FAQs

Who is Independent Learning for?

  • Students with a busy schedule who cannot always attend a lesson scheduled at a particular time.
  • Students that learn best in a quiet environment.
  • Students who need a particular learning setting to be comfortable.
  • Students with social anxiety who don’t feel comfortable in group settings.
  • Students who learn at a slow pace.

How will I know what to learn?

  • There is a detailed learning schedule for each course.
  • The course is divided into 8 learning units, with guidance on what will be learnt in each unit.
  • There is an interactive video tutorial available for each unit.
  • Each unit has a range of follow-up activities to practice the knowledge and skills presented in the video tutorial.

How will I know that I am making progress?

  • There is an open forum on each course and students are encouraged to complete tasks on the forum to get feedback from peers.
  • Students are encouraged to read two uploads from other students each week to learn from other students taking the course.



Learn Independently and Excel in the Exam Room

If your child prefers to study alone, these resources will help them do so. Thanks to our GCSE English tuition, based in Basingstoke but available nationwide, they can approach the exam room with confidence. Book a course today!

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