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Online Group Learning Courses





Online Group Learning Courses

We find that, when it comes to making the most of a student's potential, being able to learn in a group environment is absolutely vital. If the classroom doesn't bring the best out of your child, these courses for online GCSE English, based in Basingstoke but available nationwide, just might. Learning in a tutor-lead small group environment creates opportunities to be inspired by the insights of other students. Inspiration often springs from collaboration and our highly highly qualified GCSE English tutors based in Basingstoke lead enquiry-based modules that help students explore the topics in question on a far deeper level than you'd get in a standard classroom. All lesson materials are made available after each session and, yes, there will be homework! Each student has the opportunity to get individual feedback, compare it to example work and monitor their own progress, throughout the course.

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Study Together, Learn Together, Improve Together

If your child struggles to learn in a conventional classroom environment, these courses for online GCSE English, based in Basingstoke, are the perfect solution, allowing your child to get that vital contact time with other students, while giving them that separation they need to feel comfortable.

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 What You Get

Live Sessions

Each of these lessons last 55 minutes each and take place once per week for eight weeks. You'll go through the important exam materials and topics, step by step, with the help of your experienced and highly qualified tutor.

Video Tutorials

Each lesson will be available for reference afterwards, as a video tutorial, where you'll be able to re-examine the specific exam requirements covered in that lesson, as well as the examples we've analysed together.

Follow-Up Activities

Accompanying each lesson will be a host of follow-up activities, hosted on our Moodle board, in which you'll be able to review key parts of the syllabus, learn essay-writing structure and develop exam-writing skills.

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All practice essays, essay plans and other homework completed between lessons gets valuable feedback, as a part of our online GCSE English based in Basingstoke. This will help you analyse your own work and improve before exam time.


Practice makes perfect! Through our online learning platform – Quizlet, you'll be able to practice what you've learned, using enjoyable quizzes and games to help you learn in a way that's fun, as well as useful!


For three months after the course concludes, you'll have full access to the library of resources, practice materials and activities that you had on the course, so you can go through them in your own time and make the most of them.



 Online Group Learning FAQs

What is online group learning?

  • You choose which course you would like to study and select the day and time that suits you.
  • You will be sent a link to a lesson at the that time which will take place on Zoom – a platform for virtual lessons to take place.
  • You will join a small group of fellow students with an experienced tutor for 55 minutes per week over 8 weeks.
  • Each week you will be set homework and directed to follow up tasks and activities on the Moodle learning platform.

How many students are enrolled on the online group learning courses?

  • These courses will have a maximum of 8 students per course.

What if I can’t attend a lesson?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot reschedule a lesson for individuals but the learning materials for each week are available on Moodle to allow for catch-up on missed content.

What if I want to cancel?

  • Cancellations can be made up to 14 days before the start of the course with a full refund. After this time, no refunds can be made.



Learning Apart, Together

These courses will give your child the opportunity to learn in a group environment, without the stress of the classroom. Book today to enroll! If you have any questions, please email to find out more.

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