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Tutors for Excellence are a team of very experienced and highly qualified GCSE English tutors, based in Basingstoke. We believe that progress is achievable for every student, no matter who they are but we also know that not every student learns in the same way. That’s why we have developed three distinct learning pathways so, no matter how your child learns, they’ll be able to engage with the syllabus in a way that illuminates, challenges and inspires them. All of our tutors are highly educated, have a minimum of 10 years teaching experience and are fully dedicated to seeing your child flourish, either in a group environment or by themselves. We have developed targeted materials for specific examination components which means that you can choose to study the exact area of the syllabus that your child is struggling with the most. There is a detailed syllabus for each component so that you know exactly what will be studied and how it fits with the examination criteria. This enables you to monitor your child’s progress along the way. Our materials have been developed and rigorously tested over the last decade and, since then, we have seen remarkable results in the progress of students around the country. We love to see students grow, become inspired and fulfil their potential.

How does your child learn?


GCSE English tutor in Basingstoke and UK

Varied Learning to Maximise Your Child’s Potential

With a wide variety of online courses, learning resources and in-person boot camps, your child can exceed expectations this exam season. See what we have available and book now to secure your child’s place.

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How does our unique learning system work?

1. Choose a book, play, poetry set or language paper to study.

2. Choose a tuition pathway that suits your child’s learning style and preference.

3. Choose a tried and tested system which will help your child to boost their confidence and reach their aspirational grades.



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Online Group Learning Courses

  Does Shakespeare give you the shivers?

  Has poetry got you petrified?

  Can creative writing seem like chaotic writing?

Try our online courses! Give your child the best of both worlds, with small group sessions held online. If your child struggles in a classroom scenario, battles with social anxiety or doesn’t get the attention they deserve during lessons, these courses might just be the answer. They’ll engage with like-minded students, explore different ideas and develop their skills. Match the comfort of a one-on-one session with the vital benefits of the collaboration your child would get in the classroom, while examining real exam sections and honing their writing skills.

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Boot Camps

  Is the exam date looming and you are starting to panic?

  Do you need to revise a whole book and don’t where to start?

  Are you worried about tackling particular questions in the exam?

Then, a Boot Camp is just right for you! These immersive, dynamic and interactive courses are run by our experienced GCSE English Tutors in Basingstoke, teaching everything a student could need to know to boost their exam success. These one-and-done courses will equip your child with subject knowledge and, more importantly, exam technique, so they can enter their exams with confidence. Through intensive input sessions, group activities and individual tasks, your child will develop their exam abilities before following up afterwards with the help of our interactive online learning portal.

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Independent Learning Packages

  Does your child learn best when they can work independently?

  Do they need time to reflect on their progress?

  Do they enjoy interactive online learning platforms?

Try one of our Independent Learning Packages! No two people are the same, with everyone having different ways in which they learn best. While our GCSE English tutors, based in Basingstoke but serving nationwide, are able to help best in a group scenario, sometimes, independent learning can be the way forward. In that case, these resources cover the key knowledge units and skills your child will need to pass their exams, supported by a wide range of interactive tasks and learning activities. Your child can learn at their own pace, without pressure.

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Subjects We Cover

As GCSE English tutors based in Basingstoke, we are, of course, focused on English language and literature. The fantastic thing about our courses is that we don’t just “teach”, in a general sense. Each of our courses are designed around specific exam modules, subjects and topics. Whether English Language Paper 1 is keeping your child up at night, or if Macbeth is giving them toil and trouble, our focused modules are designed to meet the needs of each student.

Our Subjects





Our Aims

As with our courses, our aims are designed and tailored to the needs of your child. Whether they’re aiming for a pass or aiming for the stars, we’ll help you get there and support you every step of the way. No matter how you learn, we’re with you.

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Our Values



Everyone learns differently. Thanks to our courses, camps and resources, your child can get the tuition, guidance and techniques that they need in a way that suits them.


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Our learning courses and subject modules are great fun to engage with, while equipping your child with the skills they’ll need to excel. Through our courses, even the tough papers can be fun!



Above all, we equip students with the skills they need to get the rewards they deserve. Whatever success means for them, we’ll help them achieve it and reach for the stars.




An exceptional tutor...

We have an exceptional tutor. She is a dedicated, supportive and committed teacher. My son can’t wait for his next lesson. Would definitely recommend this company to anyone! Monica   |   2022  |   A Happy Parent

Very professional...

We have only had tuition for about 5 weeks, but already we can see the difference in our son; he is more confident in his spoken and written answers. The tutor is friendly and approachable, as well as very professional. Louise   |   2022  |   A Happy Parent

Highly recommend...

One of the best teachers I have come across. The biggest strength is attention to detail, asking powerful questions and making students think and evolve. The tutor has a command over the subject and the teaching style is very open, informal, yet focused. When your child eagerly waits for her session to start then you know that you have found the right teacher. Highly recommend. Varun   |   2022  |   A Happy Parent

If I could give 10 stars I would!...

I am very pleased with the progress made in such a short space of time. If I could give 10 stars I would! Joanne   |   2022  |   A Happy Student

Support is invaluable...

Anna is finding your support invaluable. Thanks for your hard work, it is very much appreciated! Jane   |   2022  |   A Happy Parent

Understanding and patient tutor...

A very approachable, understanding and patient tutor. Already feeling more confident with English and pleased with my progress so far. Blair   |   2022  |   A Happy Student




However They Learn, Set Your Child on the Right Path

How does your child learn?

Discover more about our online courses and then choose the pathway that’s right for them. For Boot Camps and Group Learning Courses, book now to confirm a place!

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